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The professional designers at LaFleur Printing have extensive experience in every aspect of brand identity and design, ranging from fine art and web design, all the way to package design, outdoor advertising, and all things related to print. We understand the importance of your image, and we know how to take your ideas and translate them into finished pieces that will meet or exceed your goals for exposure and increased revenue.
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Rock on!

Ed's talents seem to be endless. He's a master musician, but when he's not rocking out on stage, he's definitely a rock star at LaFleur Printing!
With a BFA in design, vast experience in advertising agencies and printing, Ed knows what it takes to make you look good.
Ed White
Team Leader


Tim attended art school in Baton Rouge before establishing his prepress career in Austin, Texas. He began his career in graphic arts as web designer back in the days before GUIs, and has been in the printing industry for nearly 20 years.
Tim Monk
Prepress Ninja
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